Our Story

Cook’s Fire Oven & Grill, formerly Happy Cook’s Catering, opened their restaurant doors in March 2018. Their catering business, however, had been operating since October 2015. Like many businesses, Cook’s has humble beginnings. Here is the short story of how Cook’s came to be. It includes friendship, stubborn women who will not take no for answer, many cocktails, and a dream come true for one strong woman. Shall we begin?


Our History

In 2015 Ericia Cook came to her best friend Sarrah Urbahn with a simple idea, “Hey, you want to start a catering business with me?”. Naturally Sarrah responded with, “Ok, let’s do this!” and Happy Cooks
Catering was formed.

With little money in their pockets, Happy Cooks moved into their first commercial kitchen at the Spring Creek Horse Palace Café. The girls were overjoyed to have a “real kitchen!”. Although it was small, and either hot as hell or freezing cold (like see your breath cold), and the smell of horses and dust from the arena outside the kitchen was not always the most pleasant Ericia and Sarrah were on top of the world. Happy Cooks quickly became an area favorite, catering weddings, business meetings, mine site lunches, and serving food at many local events. As the years went by and the business grew Ericia begin to realize that her life-long dream of owning her own restaurant and bar was something that she could achieve. Quick back story on Ericia; she had 20+ years of working in the food service industry including running a hunting lodge in Colorado.

While Ericia was ready to begin the next steps into finding a restaurant location, Sarrah began to grow her family. Both girls had an honest conversation (que the many cocktails) about wants and desires and Sarrah ended up stepping down from ownership to take the role of General Manager. Ericia was now the sole owner and had her eyes on big things!

Soon, the restaurant at the Spring Creek Golf Course came up for bid and Ericia saw her opportunity. The girls worked tirelessly to put a complete bid together and spoiler alert…they got it! Ericia’s fierce determination and friend’s support had landed her right where she wanted to be.

Now here we are. Here YOU are! Thank you so much for visiting our website and for taking the time to read this little story of who we are.

Cook’s is the accumulation of many hours of hard work, tears, laughs, hopes, test kitchen fun, lots of love and most of all unbreakable friendships. Our wish for you is that when you dine with us you get to experience a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while enjoying a meal made with love with the ones who you love the most. Friends. Family. Food. You know, the important stuff.

Oh, we almost forgot… Cook’s is growing. Stay tuned.


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